The Beloveds Band

Katie LeCloux

I have lived in Milwaukee for the last 14 years.  After having a spiritual awakening a few years ago bhakti yoga became an integral part of my spiritual practice.  I quickly went from the audience to the stage first singing with Dennis Hawk and now with the amazingly talented Bhavani.  The peace and happiness that bhakti has brought to my life is something I hope to share with you and the world.

DJ Sach Sevak

Sach Sevak’s musical upbringing has been two decades and two regions of the States in the making. Fascinated early on by Miami’s burgeoning Electronic Music trend “Miami Bass” and his father’s singing talents, he chased his love into the Midwest in the clubs and dance floors of Milwaukee, WI.  The kinetic flair of the DJ who spun at his first night club experience inspired him to create dance and movement in his listeners. Deep bass and chilled ambient tones resonate well with his personal style, which emphasizes track Production over DJ technique. He has self taught experience with a number of Studio software suites, which have allowed him to develop mastery in House and other spinning genres. His primary influences include Frankie Bones, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Bad Boy Bill, Richie Hawtin, and Juan Atkins.  

​Besides a DJ’s bread-and-butter background in house parties and private gatherings, Sach Sevak’s tracks have gained the attention of WSUM 91.7 FM, where he was a producing artist in a radio show with Michael Donahue.  Since then, he has been invited back and is solidifying plans to appear again in that capacity.  He DJs art installations and bars in the Milwaulkee/Madison area including Art Milwaukee 5 Rooms at A.Loft and events like Yoga Rave in conjunction with Core Essence Yoga.  Sach has a passion and dedication to his craft which comes through in every track and set list – he looks forward to meeting like-minded and inspired music lovers at his next event.

Jeff Harrington

Jeff “H” Harrington has played bass in all kinds of bands over the years. He is also a producer, recording engineer, and songwriter. Currently recording and producing Bhavani's next album. 

Pamela Bliss

Pamela Bliss is the founder and director of YogAsylum® and Bliss World Productions in Brookfield, now named Everyday Wellness and Bliss. 

 She holds an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology with concentration studies in Ecopsychology, in addition to degrees in Nursing, Yoga and Ecology. Pamela is a yoga teacher trainer, meditation CD artist, intuitive medium and inspirational speaker of transformative wisdom who teaches at conferences internationally.


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